Special Stage and Mixed Competition/Regularity Rallies 2021

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Last Update: 09-03-2021

Rallies shown in bold type count towards the FIA European Historic Rally Championship

22-24 January, Winter Romania Historic Rally

23-28 March, Maroc Historic Rally,

11-13 March, Rally Clasico Isla de Mallorca,

9-11 April, Sanremo Rally Storico (mixed),

19-24 April, Targa Tasmania,

22-25 April Chihuahua Express (Mixed)

5-7 May, Historic Vltava Rallye,

8-12 June, Modena Cento Ore (mixed)

25-27 June, Mecsek Historic Rally,

7-10 July, Midnattssolsrallyt (Mixed) KAK,

15-17 July, Rally Weiz,

13-14 August, Lahti Historic Rally,

30 August-4 September, Tour Auto (Mixed), Peter Auto

2-4 September, Rallye Asturias Historico

19-21 September, Rallye Elba Storico, (Mixed)

4-9 October, Tour de Corse Historique (Mixed),

15-22 October, Carrera Panamericana,

21-23 October, Rallye International du Valais,

19-20 November, Rally Costa Brava,

25-29 November, Roger Albert Clark Rally