Portugal is one of the least hard hit countries by COVID 19. Authorities there closed borders and locked down early, and now Portugal is enjoying the fruits of such prudent management with a pretty full schedule of racing for the rest of the season. They also have the advantage of good weather in the south late into the year. New on the calendar is a meeting organised at the last minute at the Algarve circuit, where the Portuguese Championships, Iberian Endurance, Group 1 Portugal and remaining championships plus Caterhams and Kia Trophy will run. Calendars for the two main historic championships are as follows:


Campeonato de Portugal de Velocidade Clássicos (CPVC)

18-19 July – Autódromo Algarve – new meeting

12-13 September - Braga Circuit

23-24 October - Autódromo Algarve

5-6 December - Estoril Circuit


Race Ready Iberian Historic Endurance

18-19 July - Autódromo Algarve – new meeting

9-11 October - Estoril Classic

17-18 October – Jerez

7-8 November – Jarama

21-22 November - Estoril 250kms

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