bits and Pieces 5 March 2017 - FIA Database

FIA Data Base Goes Live

Regular readers will have seen our updates concerning the FIA’s data base project to make all homologation forms, period regulations and other valuable information publicly available.

The FIA Historic Motor Sport Department has been working on this for a number of years now and in the first instance the focus has been on homologation forms, with 3255 of them now published online, more than half of them high quality, modern digitalised documents. The Second part is dedicated to regulations with 14 period FIA Appendix C – previous to Appendix J – and 71 period FIA Appendix Js available as well as a number of other period regulations (1930 European Hill Climb, 1975 Trophée de l’Avenir and 1988 IMSA Code to name a few), as well as the current FIA Appendix K. All these documents are available for consultation and at the disposal of competitors, preparers, organisers and officials. The FIA wants the database to grow and invites all contributions. As one official said, “We hope this will help make the sport more widely understood, but above all we hope this will enable us to promote what historic motor sport is meant to be: An active celebration of the history of the sport and not an attempt to rewrite it.” See, but be aware there are still some glitches in the system, so a bit of patience may be required. We congratulate the FIA on this initiative and look forward to seeing the database grow and grow.