Bits and Pieces 2 March 2017

Variety is the spice of Pomeroy Trophy life

Last Night of the Pom

The Pomeroy Trophy was presented to the Vintage Sports Car Club in 1946 by Laurence Pomeroy Jnr, son the famous creator of the Prince Henry, 30-98 and 1914 Grand Prix Vauxhalls.

A quirky handicap event comprising several tests of manoeuvrability, braking, etc., for which cars of all ages are eligible, the Pom culminates in a 40-minute high-speed trial with competitors lapping Silverstone circuit. The handicap system was devised by Pomeroy to find “the best high speed touring car”, and most every VSCC member has raced in the Pom at one time or another. Jack Sears won it twice, in 1954 and 1963, in a 1944 TT Sunbeam.

Theories abound about which cars have the greatest advantage under the handicap system, and the event attracts all sorts of weird and wonderful machinery including modern racing cars (It was once won by a BMW 3). Traditionally the Pom takes place very early in the season when Silverstone is at is most inhospitable.

Sadly the number of competitors has steadily declined over the recent past to the point that the future viability of the event is now in question and the Club is asking for members’ help and support to save one of the Clubs signature events.

To help towards a revival the Club will be providing a warm and dry hospitality area for all Members at the venue. They are also making the event a point scorer towards annual Aggregate Trophies and taking other measures to make it more attractive, including staging the high-speed trials on the full Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. See the VSCC web site for details.