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Bits and Pieces

'Edition 0’ of The International Concours of Elegance (The I.C.E.) organised by Lisippa SAGL headed by Marco Makaus in partnership with the municipality of St. Moritz and Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, and sponsored by Pirelli, took place on March 3 on the glitzy ski resort’s frozen lake, usually known for its White Turf horseracing and polo matches. Set to become a regular addition to the St Moritz winter programme, this year saw the trial run in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and organisers are determined to keep an element of real fun in the event in contrast to many more serious concours. Part of the fun is that the cars get to run on the lake and many were equipped with studded tyres for the purpose. This first pilot version saw two prizes awarded, one by popular vote of the public and the other was the vote of a “Social Media Jury” in which many experts and influencers were able to express their preference. The “Spirit of St. Moritz” prize went to the 1929 Bentley 4.5 Litre of Alex Boller, while the “InstaLake” prize went to …… and Lamborghini Countach 25°.

Bits and Pieces

The Formula Junior Historic Racing Association (FJHRA), run by Duncan Rabagliati and daughter Sarah Mitriké, is the umbrella group that supports Formula Junior racing throughout the world. Their Lurani Trophy series is an FIA Championship that runs in Europe, and with the HSCC they also run the Silverline UK Championship. Apart from that there are FJ championship races in Australia, New Zealand and the US. Unlike the other FIA Championships, continuation or replica cars are not eligible in the FJ Championship. This caused controversy some years ago, as International regulations allow it and the argument went that a historic FIA Championship should be subject to FIA regulations for historic cars – that is to say, Appendix K – the same as everybody else.

Bits and Pieces

The Pandora-Austin, a unique small-capacity sports racer that originated in Surrey and finished in a Sussex garage in the early 1960s, was reunited with its creator Roger Phillips, period associates and family at Goodwood – scene of its maiden race with Raymond Jackson in May 1964 – on March 14. Painstakingly restored by owner Andy Prill and his team over several years, with enthusiastic help from veteran racer Phillips, the neat BMC A-series engined machine had suffered over years of club racing and hillclimbing, during which time its identity morphed into the boxy Micron. Phillips, who had planned to build a run of Pandora “Lotus eaters” through his family engineering business close to the Sussex motor circuit, before becoming a sales director of LEC Refrigeration (budding racer David Purley’s father Charlie’s concern) took him to the north west of England

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