1st Alpine Rally

1955 was the year in which Jean Rédélé conceived the Alpine, a sports car with agile handling and good performance on tight and twisty roads, enabling the little Berlinette to win many events, including the Tour de Corse on four occasions. The new A110 that Rallystory principle and ex-rally driver Hervé Charbonneaux tested on these same roads lives up to its heritage. With half a century’s experience of organising rallies in Corsica, Rallystory invites all owners of Alpines - from 1955 to 2019 - to a special event, run on a friendly and non-competitive basis, with no special preparation required: the Alpine Rally. The programme includes three full days’ driving on the most beautiful roads of Corsica, from the Cap Corse, the Agriates desert, la Balagne, the Gulf of Girolata, the Calanques of Piana, the Mother-of-Pearl coast (following in the tracks of the World Rally Championship), to the jagged needles of the col de Bavella (3996ft) and Alta Rocca with the lion of Roccapina.

There will be time for gastronomic stops including the highly select Domaine de Murtol and luxury accommodation on the beach at the Gulf of Ajaccio. Charbonneaux says, “The most appealing sports car of all deserves the chance to express itself on these roads which are home to so many rallies. Treat your Alpine to the Isle de Beauté and its 10,000 virages!” Open to all models of Alpine only the rally will run from 8-11 May. Contact Rallystory via www.rallystory.com.

Citroën Rally of the Century

Amongst the events on the official programme for the 100 years of Citroën celebrations in 2019 is the Rally of the Century for Citroën cars of all ages and models. The event is to take place at La Ferté-Vidame, a discreet village 120km west of Paris, on 19-21 July, and over 2000 entries have already been received.

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