VNUK – Motorsport Vehicles Exempt

VNUK is an EU insurance issue that has been looming over the future, some would say the very existence, of motor sport since 2014. You may have even signed a petition on the subject, as many have been circulated. It is a European Court judgement that would require all vehicles, including all motorsport vehicles to have compulsory third party motor insurance. European ASNs, including Motorsport UK, and the FIA have since been lobbying at the highest levels to have motorsport excluded from the ruling. On 13th February, the MEPs voted to adopt amendments, supported by the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), excluding motorsport from compulsory motor insurance as proposed in the new EU Motor Insurance Directive (MID).

The revised text, as adopted by the EU Parliament, means that only vehicles used in traffic as a means of transport would need to be covered by Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance and ‘dual-use’ vehicles, used both in-traffic and out-of-traffic (i.e. 90% of ‘motorsport’ vehicles) only need insurance cover for use ‘in traffic’, but not for motorsport activities. Vehicles intended exclusively for motorsport, and vehicles used exclusively in a non-traffic situation, would be excluded from the scope of the MID.

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