Extreme Iceland


As travel destinations go, Iceland is becoming increasingly popular, because of its extreme landscapes, welcoming but sparse population, and also perhaps because it is one of the last places not to be ‘conquered’ by tourists. Rallies for classic cars usually pretty much reflect the general travel trends, and many participants treat them as tourist events with the added bonus of seeing a destination from the wheel of their own car, and therefore often off the main tourist routes. South America, and Patagonia in particular, is another destination that has become popular for both tourists and rally tourists.

Rally Iceland

Rallystory, organisers of the Coupe des Alpes, Marrakesh Tour, Trophée en Corse and many other long-standing rallies have a proven track record for organising such events with a young, multilingual team, and this year they are going to Iceland in September for a seven-day Iceland Rally that will take in the extraordinary sights and sounds of the country with its volcanoes, fjords, glaciers, lakes, lava fields, waterfalls and geysers, using good tarmac roads. In addition there will be a visit to Iceland’s only car museum, a spot of whale watching, and a trip on amphibious vehicles for a cruise that zigzags between the icebergs of the Vatnajökull glacier. As always Rallystory takes care of everything, from getting your car to the start in Reykjavik, selecting the best hotels, food and drink, carrying your luggage and providing mechanical backup. Dates are 21-27 September. Although for historic cars, Rallystory will accept interesting modern cars and there is no timing, so it really is for the sheer joy of driving. Find details of this and their other rallies at www.rallystory.com.

Icelandic Saga

Only a few days earlier (7-13 September), participants in the HERO Icelandic Saga rally will have visited many of the same places and travelled on the same roads. Their nine-day adventure contains more of a competitive element, with handling, manoeuvrability and regularity tests, but still gives participants opportunities to see the country and to enjoy other tourist activities, such as skidoo driving! Only cars up to 1986 are accepted. HERO is also offering Lima to Cape Horn in 2020, a trip that Rallystory did in 2016 and will also do again in 2020. HERO’s many well-known European events include the Rally of the Tests, Le Jog and Scottish Malts, as well as their famous Classic Marathon that started it all, which in 2020 will run in northern Spain and Portugal. See heroevents.eu.

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