FJ Eligibility - Consistency is the Key

The Formula Junior Historic Racing Association (FJHRA), run by Duncan Rabagliati and daughter Sarah Mitriké, is the umbrella group that supports Formula Junior racing throughout the world. Their Lurani Trophy series is an FIA Championship that runs in Europe, and with the HSCC they also run the Silverline UK Championship. Apart from that there are FJ championship races in Australia, New Zealand and the US. Unlike the other FIA Championships, continuation or replica cars are not eligible in the FJ Championship. This caused controversy some years ago, as International regulations allow it and the argument went that a historic FIA Championship should be subject to FIA regulations for historic cars – that is to say, Appendix K – the same as everybody else.

The regs deviated in some other details as well and the Association and the FIA solved the problem by writing the Lurani Trophy rules, as they were, into Appendix K, leaving them the only class of historic car with such a dispensation. For a car to be eligible to race in a FJHRA race, it must conform to the FJ statutes contained within Appendix K. In Europe this means a valid FIA HTP, while in other parts of the world, the regs remain the same and the HTP is strongly encouraged. This has proven to be highly popular with the owners, who can race their cars anywhere with the expectation of racing against cars prepared to the same spec. Formula Junior has recently completed a successful anniversary World Tour, in which cars from four continents participated, all running to the same set of rules. Secretary of the FJHRA Sarah Mitriké summed it up when she said, “We all recognise that the most beneficial situation for our community as FJ owners and drivers is for us all to be aligned as much as possible, so we can tour together, bulk replacement part orders together and generally have a good time together. Yes it’s a hobby, but it’s also a sport, and the clearly defined regulations creating the ‘as fair as possible’ playing field are the key to the stability and success.”

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